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The Digital Museum of
Cornish Ceramics

Troika Pottery - St Ives and Newlyn - 1963 - 1983
Troika Marks Troika Designs Background Dating Troika  

Roland Bence - 1965 to 1968 and 1970 to 1981

Roland mostly did casting and fettling with some occasional decorating. He also developed several new designs. He was the pottery manager for a number of years.

  Pots Marks
  Troika Pottery - Ashtray - Roland Bence  Round footed Ashtray   Troika Pottery - Ashtray Mark - Roland Bence  
  Troika Pottery - Helmet - Roland Bence  Helmet   Troika Pottery - Helmet Mark - Roland Bence  
   Double Candle Holder