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Troika Pottery - St Ives and Newlyn - 1963 - 1983
Troika Marks Troika Designs Background Dating Troika  

Troika Decorators and Marks - arranged in alphabetical order of initials

Note: All the books published about Troika so far contain errors, omissions, conflicts and contradictions regarding the attribution of marks on Troika pottery and the dates that people started and finished. Therefore these publications are unreliable as sources of this information, although they contain excellent background details.
Research is ongoing. This page is updated regularly to reflect corrections and new information as received. Details that have been confirmed and verified are marked as such. Other information may be subject to change.

Iain Belton has provided useful assistance in researching the people who worked for Troika Pottery.

Troika Pottery Mark - Alison Brigden AB - Alison Brigden
(later Strutt)

(Mark confirmed)
1977 to 1983

(possibly started 1976)
Senior decorator from 1981 to 1983

Troika Pottery Mark - Avril Bennet

AB - Avril Bennet

(Mark confirmed)

1973 to 1979  
Troika Pottery Mark - Ann Jones AJ - Anne Jones
1976 to 1977 Part time
Troika Pottery Mark - Anne Lewis AL - Anne Lewis 1969 to 1972  
Troika Pottery Mark - Annette Walters AW - Annette Walters late 1970's  
Troika Pottery Mark - Beverley Ellwood BE - Beverley Ellwood
early 1970's
Troika Pottery - Love Plaque Mark - Benny Sirota BS - Benny Sirota

(Mark confirmed)
1963 to 1980
Note: Benny Sirota's writing and mark vary considerably.

BW - unknown
DB - David Bridge

(Mark confirmed)
1969 to 1970
(dates verified)
EW - unknown    
GR - unknown    
Troika Pottery Mark - Honor Curtis HC - Honor Curtis - mark used from 1969 onwards (see Honor Perkin below)
(Mark confirmed)
1968 to 1973
(dates verified)
Also worked part time from 1975.
HF - unknown    
Troika Pottery Mark - Holly Jackson HJ - Holly Jackson
(later Morris)

(Mark confirmed)
1977 to 1978
(dates verified)
Holly joined Troika at 16 and stayed for 7 months. Grand-daughter of Alec Walker the fabric designer who set up the Cryséde company.
Troika Pottery Mark - Honor Perkins HP - Honor Perkin - mark used from 1968 until marriage in 1969 (see Honor Curtis above)
(Mark confirmed)
1968 to 1973
(dates verified)
Troika Pottery Mark - John Bedding JB - John Bedding

(Mark confirmed)
1967 to 1968 Potter and decorator
Troika Pottery Mark - Jane Fitzgerald JF - Jane Fitzgerald
(later Parsons)

(Mark confirmed)
1976 to 1983
Troika Pottery Mark - Judith Illsley JI - Judith Illsley

(Mark confirmed)
(dates verified)
Judith was married to Leslie Illsley and worked as a decorator for a short time in late 1980. Previously, she had worked with Alan Brough.
Troika Pottery Mark - Julian Greenwood-Penny JP - Julian Greenwood-Penny

(Mark confirmed)
!977-1983 Decorator and designer. Invited to become a partner in 1982.
Troika Pottery Mark - Louise Graham LG - Louise Graham

(Mark confirmed)
Troika Pottery Mark - Linda Hazel LH - Linda Hazel early 1970's
Troika Pottery Mark - Leslie Illsley LI - Leslie Illsley
1963 to 1983
(dates verified)
One of the Troika partners and the main designer and creative driving force in Troika.

Troika Pottery Mark - Louise Jinks

LJ - Louise Jinks
(later McClary)

(Mark confirmed)
1976 to 1981 Senior decorator 1979 to 1981
LK - unknown    
LT - Linda Taylor

(Mark confirmed)
late 1960's to early 1970's Note: previously published books about Troika have incorrectly attributed the initials "LT" to the name Linda Thomas.
LP - unknown    
Troika Pottery Mark - Mary Baker MB - Mary Baker mid 1970's  
MM - unknown    
Troika Pottery Mark - Marilyn Pascoe MP - Marilyn Pascoe
late 1960's to 1974  
Troika Pottery Mark - Penny Black PB - Penny Black
(later Roland)
1960's to 1976  
Troika Pottery Mark - Penny Broadribb PB - Penny Broadribb
(later Dass)
1975 to 1976  
PJ - unknown Early 1970's  
R - unknown    
Troika Pottery Mark - Roland Bence RGB - Roland Bence

(Mark confirmed)
1965 to 1968 1970 to 1981

(dates verified)
Caster, fettler, designer and decorator. Pottery manager for a number of years.
RL - unknown    
Troika Pottery Mark - Sally Bart SB - Sally Bart mid 1970's Note: mark may actually be Sue Bladen - awaiting confirmation.
SB - Stella Benjamin 1963 to 1967 Stella Benjamin had worked for the Powell and Wells Pottery and continued as a decorator later becoming the principle decorator.
SB - Sue Bladen 1975? Note: mark may actually be Sally Bart- awaiting confirmation.

Troika Pottery Mark - Simone Kilburn

SK - Simone Kilburn

(Mark confirmed)
1975 to 1977
(dates verified)
Started straight from school. After leaving became a nurse, then a fitness instructor and later, the Marketing Director of a fitness magazine.
Troika Pottery Mark - Sue Lowe SL - Sue Lowe

(Mark confirmed)
1976 to 1977
(dates verified)
Troika Pottery Mark - Sylvia Vallence SV - Sylvia Vallence 1967 to 1969  
Troika Pottery Mark - Shirley Wharf SW - Shirley Wharf

(Mark confirmed)
1979 to 1980 or poss. 1981  
Troika Pottery Mark - Tina Doubleday TB - Teo Bernatowitz

(Mark confirmed)
about 1974 Teo is thought to have worked for Troika for about 18 months

This mark had previously been attributed incorrectly to Tina Doubleday.
TD - Tina Doubleday
(later Richards)

(Mark confirmed)
1977 to 1979
(dates verified)
Troika Pottery Mark - Tamsin Ruhrmund TR - Tamsin Ruhrmund 1978  
Troika Pottery Mark - Unknown V - Vicky Drew
(later Donnithorne)

(Mark confirmed)
RL - unknown    

Early Marks:

     Early Trident mark    
   Early printed mark    
   Early Embossed mark    
   Early impressed mark    

Other staff at Troika:

 John Bensman 1964/5
   Colin Carbis 1976 to 1977
(dates verified)
Caster and fettler. Brother of Anne Jones. Some decorating using marks "CC" and "CJC". Later worked at Marazion, Leaper and Prykernow potteries.
   Hilary Cox late 1970's Decorator
   Don Fowler Oct 1968 to Sep 1973 and May 1976 to Jan 1982
(dates verified)
Caster and fettler
   Ray Horley 1972 to 1973 Caster
   Sarah Powell 1974 Decorator
   Kristen Roth 1963 to 1965 Decorator
   Peter Ward 1965 Caster
 Iain Draper from 1970 Caster, fettler and possibly a decorator.

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